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Show up to people who are actually searching for what you offer. How? We decide on that based on different customer data points and scalable data sets. And yes we can run some for you.

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Don’t just generate leads & traffic, get laser targeted traffic to your store. More qualified leads? Better chance of turning them into paying customers.

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Build two-way relationships with your customers and design an extraordinary shopping experience. Thats what we call “The Profit Chain” From Customer Satisfaction via Word-of- Mouth Referrals to New Customer Acquisition.

Big Data Systems

eCommerce experience strategy

Content & Creative

Understand the story behind the data of successful eCommerce brands

Make data-driven sales systems your competitive advantage

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“Data is now the currency that counts today, and this is not only in monetary terms. Brands that do not know how to deal with data management will lose the competition against their competitors, cybercriminals and supervisory authorities.”

The Team Behind Ads

Doğancan Ertaş

Kurucu & Kreatif Direktör

Can Aksoy

Founder / Creative Director

Makbule Karatas

eCommerce & Marketing

Riad Afandiyev

Video Production & Editor

Hamide Haita

Digital Marketing Strategist

Olçar Erdem Şahin

Lead Software Devoloper

Wasim Mohamed

Software Devoloper

Gökhan Kahraman

Brand UX Designer

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